Best Ways to Become a Better Hearthstone Player

Gadgets and Games / December 22, 2014 / No Comments
Hearthstone Best Players

What’s up Hearthstone fans and gamers? Today, I will be sharing something of interest for all of us. These are tips and tricks that hopefully will make you a better Hearthstone gamer. Do take not that not all of these are my discoveries but there are some that are taken online which I have validated through playing. Furthermore, what may have worked for me may not necessarily work for you, so I am asking for your consideration with that regards and hope you will not hate me for it. Anyway, let us cut the chase and go with the list of things that you should apply in your game. The …..

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Loud Music Leads to Hearing Loss – The Truth

Entertainment & Music / December 22, 2014
Loud-Music and Hearing Loss

We have been warned way back when we are little child from our parents that listening to loud music is detrimental to our ears. Is it really based on scientific facts? Well as it turns out, this claim has some science to it and we will find out the facts about it. According to a study that has been recently released, listening to loud music especially in excess can cause damage and physical changes to your auditory nerve which them leads to hearing loss later in someone’s life. Furthermore, this will also make someone have a hard time understanding any form of speech. The study revealed that ones a person …..

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Technology-Aided Brain Enhancements Through Smartphones

Technology Updates / December 22, 2014
Memory Ehancement

Are you the kind of person who usually forget things up especially the ones that matter the most, like your wife’s birthday or your wedding anniversary? Of course, most of the time forgetting things like these have a bad effect for you and the people around you — may it be on a personal level or on a more professional one. The idea of intelligence sometimes tend to be associated with those people who are very sharp and precise with memory recall especially the facts and details of a particular thing. Not to mentioned these people are the ones who will be highly regarded by those around them. It is …..

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