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Five Easy Tips to Earn SimCity BuildIt SimCash and Simoleons Fast

Simcity SimCash Simoleons

The hard truth about playing SimCity BuildIt despite it being a free-to-play game is the idea that you need to eventually buy SimCash soon by using your real hard cash. If you do have the money, then it is not a problem. But if you are like the vast majority of the gamers, like myself, then it is not cool. Spending for a free game is never cool. Anyway, just a piece of advice to everyone — learn to be patient and do some of the basic stuffs that will give you the opportunity to earn SimCash and Simoleons better. How? Well, I have listed 5 tips in order to do just that.

First tip is to set the right offer made by Sims. This is quite effective because you can easily gain profit on this simple way. I know it is that much but if you combine a lot offers, then it will accumulate into a much bigger profit. To guide you on how to make the right decisions setting the right offers, you should check the global trade headquarters for the pricing.

Next tip is to sale your special item in the trade depot, if and only if your Sims is not offering a better deal. This will keep your storage free from clutter and gives you the money to expand and upgrade your city pretty much faster than what others normally do. This will not do any harm in the long run because as you might have noticed rare items appear too often.

Third tip is to boost our SimCity population. This is behind the idea that the more Sims you have, the more taxes you will get. Make sure that your services are placed for optimum population. It is a good idea to test all possible placement for the best number of population.

Tip 4 is to complete the shipment in the shipping docks even if you don’t need the keys yet. It will earn you considerably good amount of Simoleons.

Lastly, take time to keep track and complete your achievements. This is the perfect place to earn SimCash from SimCity BuildIt Hack Cheat tool you downloaded. And of course, spend your SimCash wisely. I think the best way to spend it is with the store. This will give you a boost in your overall city status with the Sims getting satisfied of the services from it.

Alright, that would be all. I hope those tips will help you earn some SimCash and Simoleons for your SimCity BuildIt account. Thank you so much for reading my blog.


The Unraveled Mystery of GTA 5 and its Online Popularity

GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online

In fairness, GTA 5 have gained the most favorable review scores with regards to gaming online, although the video game have receive negative feedback due to its theme which features violence against woman and other inappropriate content. However, gamers are still buying the video game and they really have fun and they keep on playing the video game even now.

Steve Ogg the man behind the GTA 5 stated that video game is an art in the digital world and through video game it reaches to all kind of gamer in the whole world. However Steve was also amazed how this video game (GTA 5) has received positive and negative feedbacks. Although there are lots of debate made due to the theme of the video game and the availability of Grand Theft Auto 5 Online hack, whether they must banned the video game or they must allow this video game to reach to the world. And obviously the game became the most sought after especially from the professional who work in their office and perhaps their entertainment in their homes.

I think sometimes negative publicity is a good publicity, the more people talk about it in a negative way people will become more aware what this issue is all about. It is like a sex scandal of the celebrities, while people are speaking negative things about it the more these celebrities become more popular. Same also with GTA 5 video game, the more they hate it the more people love to play it. An amazing entertainment where you can be the baddest dude in the digital world or the hero and the police to bust some criminals. You can follow the plot of the story or make your own adventure in the game.

Experience the coolest video game in the online world with GTA 5. Download now and have fun. Do not miss while its hot. It is definitely worth it, as others would say – “you’ll never know what you will miss, up until it is gone.” See it yourself!!

Hay Day Leveling 101 – Swiftly Like a Boss

Hay Day Easy Leveling Guide

Hay Day Easy Cheats

If you have been into online gaming or even those which are not for quite some time, let us say like for over 2 years or so, then you can easily say that the most tedious part of playing is the part where you need to level up your account or your character. This may take up so little of your time at first — it can be just a couple of seconds, a few minutes, an hour or two but sooner or later it will come to a point where you have to really spend significant amount of time and effort like days or weeks to be able to level up from one point to another. This is what is happening to my Hay Day cheats gaming experience right now. Well, personally, I am not too pleased about it and I know most of you are feeling that same way too.

Well today, let us make things easier for us. But this does not mean that you need to spend real hard cash from your deep pockets. This are just little tricks that can be of help to make leveling a way better experience than you are used to. So, here are the list of do’s and dont’s in you Hay Day leveling — consider this as a guide!

Hay Leveling 101 (The Fastest Way):

  • The basic way is to play the game, spend some time planting, harvesting, discovering items etc. Make sure that all the structures you have are producing items. This is to ensure that before you log out you are not wasting the idle time you have away from the game. Same goes with the animals and of course the fields. You need to plant. I am recommending wheat because of the experience that can add up swiftly.
  • The bread and butter of experience gains is doing truck orders. One truck order is worth more than playing hours in the game. So better play wisely. One thing that you should keep in mind is to avoid visiting customers because they can be time consuming with so little experience gains.
  • Boat orders is also one of the ways that you can level up. Helping other friends gives you experience you too but not as much as you would with truck orders.
  • Another way is by achievements where you can get experience and diamonds, but I am not recommending you to focus your playing time for this stuff since over time one way or another you will eventually unlocked things up.
  • Last one is to do some orchard thing. This is a bit self explanatory, so I wont have to dive deeper on this.

So that is about it. Hay Day leveling guide that can help you out. Of course, the most important thing is to organize your time and do all the stuffs mentioned above. Good luck playing Hay Day and happy leveling everyone!