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Everything You Need to Know with Sims 4 Pools

Sims 4 Pools

Sims 4 Pool is Here

Remember when Simmers where complaining about the lack of swimming pools in the Sims 4? Well, they will be complaining no more. Guess why? The pools are back with the Sims 4 in the new update that has been released just recently. Imagine how cool is that? I know you are excited, that is why I am bring some of the neat things you can do with this feature added in the game.

This Sims update by the way will give you the much awaited pool tools, some pool objects that I am sure you will love, and the swim wears that your Sims can use. Unfortunately, as I expected there will no diving boards yet, and I am still hoping that in the upcoming update soon this will included. I hope EA and Maxis are reading this so they would know. To be quite honest, as I have already tried the pool tool in the game, it is really awesome. And with that, I will show some cool things that you will get with that.

For the basic, you will see or you can access the pool tool in the lower left area of your screen. By clicking the tool, you will get 5 starting points to choose from. The first one being the standard pool tool. This will give you the option to drag out the pool of any size you want. The second pool tool is actually new with the Sims 4 pools. This will give you the option of making your pool into a triangular shape of your choice. The third one the square pool tool. Unfortunately there is no curve pool option in this game. Going on, we also have the diagonal option for your pools. And lastly, and one of my favorites, is the octagonal pool. Simply drag and resize it to your preference. It is really nice because these starting points will give you the flexibility of designing unique looking pools that you can imagined of.

Sims 4 Pools

As for the pool objects, we only have quite a few. One of which is the lights that you can put at the sides and the bottom of the pool much like what we have seen in the Sims 3. Of course, we also have the ladder that you can easily attach on the sides of the pool. another cool thing is the decals — small and large ones. These things can add up highlights and accents to your pool to make it look better.

Of course, the last thing that this Sims update brought to us Simmers is the swimwear. I would not go into detail to to that because what I have here is even better news because for the first time in a Sims 4 crack deluxe game, pools can be built on top of houses and even in between floors. This option is perfect for in door party events for your Sims. Kudos to the people from Maxis who made this brilliant idea possible in the game. And overall, I really liked that they have added the pools though I hated them for not including it in the base game but it’s all good now.

Boom Beach Farming the Easy Way

Boom Beach Farming for Dummies

Boom Beach Farming for Dummies

There have been so many questions lately especially coming from those newbies with the Boom Beach game. The question concerns about farming in the game. Farming, by the way, is a strategy where you focus on gathering resources instead of ranking your account. This way you will get to build and upgrade stuff a lot quicker which will then facilitate your way against high ranking players. Before anything else, there are some ideas that I want everybody to know about Boom Beach.

The Basic with Boom Beach Farming:

  • The most important structure which can instantly win you a raid is the Headquarters. This is the counterpart for Townhall, if you are playing Clash of Clans.
  • Resources in Boom Beach comes in the form of gold, wood, iron, and stone. Additionally, diamonds is another resource but is considered a premium currency since you can buy this with a real cash. However, you can also get some of it via farming.
  • Farming Base Layout – is a template design that will facilitate acquisition of resources much faster while protecting it.

Now the above concepts are the three cores of things you should remember when farming in the game. As far as the your Headquarters is concern, despite it being considered as the most important structure in your base, you will have disregard such idea and put it to spot where enemy raiders have the easiest way of destroying it. The reason? Simply, to give the impression to the attackers, that they already have won the game and there is no need for them to attack the rest of the base for its resources.

Another thing that you should do is to train troops at the minimal cost with a higher rate of looting resources from enemy bases. Remember that it is more important that you gain more resources even if it means you will have to defeated. As mentioned above, farming is all about resources — gathering it from your raid and protecting it in your base using a proven Boom Beach Diamond hack that I have discovered as I was playing just recently.

Lastly as you have gathered enough resources, prioritize building or upgrading those structures or troops that matters most. Defense takes priority because a good defense means your resources will be secured from enemy looters.  Take note that as you go higher in your ranking and level of your enemies are higher, you will have engage in a tough battle and that defense will play a key role in your success in Boom Beach.

Best Ways to Become a Better Hearthstone Player

Hearthstone Best Players


What’s up Hearthstone fans and gamers? Today, I will be sharing something of interest for all of us. These are tips and tricks that hopefully will make you a better Hearthstone gamer. Do take not that not all of these are my discoveries but there are some that are taken online which I have validated through playing. Furthermore, what may have worked for me may not necessarily work for you, so I am asking for your consideration with that regards and hope you will not hate me for it. Anyway, let us cut the chase and go with the list of things that you should apply in your game.

The first one and perhaps the very basic of any game is the “luck factor”. As you might have known Hearthstone is a virtual card game. So for the most card games, luck plays an important role and often dictates the outcome of a match. This holds true with traditional card games like poker, blackjack but also works the same way with Hearthstone. Although strategy is a vital aspect of the game, sometimes it is not enough without a tiny bit of luck on your side. Of course, when luck is not on your side try to calm yourself and relax, so you can think of something that can give you some edge or at least mitigate the situation.

Hearthstone Best Players

Another thing that you should remember is to take your time and be patient in finding the right deck. While following guides and tutorials online is nothing to be ashamed of, you should never just copy someone else’s deck simply because you want to win at all cost. Remember even the strongest of cards have its own fair share of weakness. Moreover, victory from such tactics like using a Hearthstone Hack won’t be that satisfying and in the hand you will eventually give it up.

Of course as a player you have to learn and step your game up. Among the games I have played, Hearthstone is not the most complicated one I have encountered. I am pretty sure that it won’t take any longer than a week to know a thing or two on this game. However, do not let the simplicity fool you because as you progress in the game, it will give you some challenges that I surely give you some form of frustration, but nothing that can’t be overcome and learned. Study and learn and step up your game!

And the most important aspect of the game any player should do is to enjoy yourself. This is the main objective why you are playing right? Of course, you might get too competitive at times but please do not forget to relax and enjoy the game. I hope these tips will help you play Hearthstone!